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Meet RedFox!

By WebCanids!

RedFox is a fox-themed Discord bot for people who love canines! It was created by WebCanids comic artist MitchRandom in 2021.

Scroll down for a full list of commands!

Pro tip: If you really want RedFox to look good in your server, give it a role with orange color #FF5700 to match its avatar and embed themes!


All commands start with "fox!" and are not case-sensitive.
Example: fox!hi

At the moment, slash commands have not been implemented.

Help Menus

fox!helpLists RedFox's general commands.
fox!funhelpBrings up a list of fun commands!
fox!extrahelpBrings up a list of extra commands.
fox!toolhelpBrings up a list of calculators and unit converters.
fox!encyhelpBrings up a list of canid encyclopedia commands.
fox!gifhelpBrings up a list of gif command menus! Useful for reactions, roleplay, or just to improve your mood!
fox!adminhelpBrings up admin/moderator-only commands. This menu can only be called up by admins/moderators.
fox!aboutLearn about RedFox and where it comes from!

Fun Commands

fox!funhelpLists RedFox's fun commands.
fox!8ballRedFox can give you one of eight random yes/no/maybe responses (like a magic 8-ball).
fox!D#Rolls a die of the size specified. Can use a D20, D12, D10, D8, D6, or D4 die (replace the # with the number). RedFox will tag the person who rolled and inform them of the result.
fox!RPS [choice]You can play rock, paper, scissors with RedFox! Simply replace [choice] with "rock," "paper," or "scissors," and RedFox will respond randomly.
fox!boredGenerates a random anti-boredom website from a curated list!
fox!coinRedFox can flip a coin for you!
fox!dramaBreak out the emergency drama button!
fox!fortuneRedFox can tell your fortune and a lucky number!
fox!poll [question]You can ask a question, and others can vote yes or no using reactions! This can be a fun tool for making up stories with group decisions as well! Example: fox!poll Do you like foxes?
fox!rgameSends a link that will take you to a random game!
fox!rdogSends a random dog pic!
fox!rfoxSends a random fox pic!
fox!rshibeSends a random shibe pic!
fox!say [message]Replace [message] with a message for RedFox to send. Example: fox!say henlo. RedFox will then say "henlo." There is a built-in bad word filter to this command.

Extra Commands

fox!extrahelpLists RedFox's extra commands.
fox!feedGib chimkin. 🍗
fox!goodmorningSay good morning to RedFox!
fox!goodnightSay goodnight to RedFox!
fox!hiSay hello to RedFox!
fox!iloveyouRedFox loves you too!
fox!magicRedFox will throw some magic stardust!
fox!petPet RedFox!
fox!thanksSay thanks to RedFox!
fox!yousuckIf for some reason you wish to bully RedFox. :(

Tool Commands

fox!toolhelpLists RedFox's tool commands.
fox!calc # ? #RedFox can perform basic calculations with two numbers. Replace the # signs with numbers and the "?" with an operation (+, -, *, or /). Example: fox!calc 1 + 2.
fox!graphRedFox can create graphs! Use this command to bring up more info.
fox!TF2C [value]Converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius/Centigrade. Replace [value] with a temperature value.
fox!TF2K [value]Converts from Fahrenheit to Kelvin. Replace [value] with a temperature value.
fox!TC2F [value]Converts from Celsius/Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Replace [value] with a temperature value.
fox!TC2K [value]Converts from Celsius/Centigrade to Kelvin. Replace [value] with a temperature value.
fox!TK2C [value]Converts from Kelvin to Celsius/Centigrade. Replace [value] with a temperature value.
fox!TK2F [value]Converts from Kelvin to Fahrenheit. Replace [value] with a temperature value.
fox!KM2MI [value]Converts from kilometers to miles. Replace [value] with a distance value.
fox!MI2KM [value]Converts from miles to kilometers. Replace [value] with a distance value.
fox!M2FT [value]Converts from meters to feet. Replace [value] with a length value.
fox!FT2M [value]Converts from feet to meters. Replace [value] with a length value.
fox!KG2LB [value]Converts from kilograms to pounds. Replace [value] with a weight/mass value.
fox!LB2KG [value]Converts from pounds to kilograms. Replace [value] with a weight/mass value.

Encyclopedia Commands

Want to learn about different types of canids? RedFox can help you!

fox!encyhelpBrings up this list of canid encyclopedia commands.
fox!canidsBrings up a Wikipedia page about canids in general.
fox!foxesBrings up a list of fox species' Wikipedia pages.
fox!wolvesBrings up a list of wolf species' Wikipedia pages.
fox!othercanidsBrings up a list of other canid species' Wikipedia pages.

Gif Commands

Use these commands to get RedFox to send gifs of various canids! Useful for reactions, roleplay, or just to improve your mood!

fox!rfhelpBrings up a list of red fox gif commands!
fox!ffhelpBrings up a list of fennec fox gif commands!
fox!afhelpBrings up a list of arctic fox gif commands!
fox!whelpBrings up a list of wolf gif commands!
fox!chelpBrings up a list of coyote gif commands!

Admin Commands

RedFox has some helpful commands for server admins! These commands can only be used by members with admin/moderator permissions such as managing channels.

fox!adminhelpBrings up this list of admin-only commands.
fox!secretsay #channel [message]Replace #channel with the channel you want to send a message to. Replace [message] with a message for RedFox to send. Example: fox!secretsay #general hello. Hello will then appear in #general. Useful for verbal warnings.
fox!purge #Bulk deletes up to 100 messages at a time within the same day. Replace # with the number to delete. Example: fox!purge 25. Messages from previous days cannot be deleted, no matter how recent. This is due to the Discord API.
fox!nick [nickname]Set a different nickname in your server for RedFox! Example: fox!nick Red. (The bot's nickname will now be "Red").
fox!whois @userRedFox can find information on a user such as username, avatar, Discord ID, roles, server join date, and creation date.
fox!serverDisplays member count, creation time, and icon of the server. Time is relative to the bot host's timezone (U.S. Eastern Time).

RedFox is a WebCanids creation. Profile picture © Mitch Ran 2021.

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